Feb 13


This is me listening to a story. When I see this picture, I feel good about the person I see, she looks compassionate, interested and involved. She looks as though she is engaged and alert capable, competent and living in the present. As I reflect back on that experience…in China, I believe I was.

I just finished a major piece…..Ive been working on it for over a year….factually, the weaving took only about 90 hours, but a lot of other time and effort is also related to the amount of time this took to finish.
It is here.


It still needs to be properly photographed.

the return

Last week I went to HGA Convergence in Long Beach California. i realized only too late that I was too engaged to step back and take photos.

we had a few adventures with materials, electricity and the novelty of the phantastic new loom.

the lift is perky and united. The software has some new capabilities – like have having wifi and mac able. I hooked my laptop up to the loom and worked off of it all week. It was great.

This may look like a treasure trove…but I actually feel a bit exhausted just looking at it.

The work

Having read the last entry…i can see that i need to calm down…slow it up…and let it roll slowly.

A large portion of my work is jacquard woven. I have been working on a series for some time now. i have been calling this series by various names, the best and most descriptive to me is Vis Viva.
The Vis Viva series. I have also been referring to the characters in the pieces as super heroes or power girls.


Vis Viva is a latin term that translates to “living force”. It was once an explanation of the principal of conservation of energy. Wikipedia describes this as a type of kinetic energy related to sensible motions. The essence of the idea in my pieces relates to the constructions of identity and the energy and power embodied by the characters….lets be frank…teenage girls. I usually hesitate to admit this last point, mostly because I fear being pidgeonholed. Maybe my interests are too feminine, too motherly?…..idk. The older I get however, the clearer my vision seems to me….but that is a topic for another post.

The latest piece i am working on is in three pieces. I just completed the top 1/3.
May I get technical?

the piece began with a photograph. These pieces incorporate both photoshop and illustrator -meaning that I work out the issues with the image as well as develop patterns for the various layers using vectors.

a major part of he image preparation is creating the color areas for the weaves to be inserted…and not making too many. I need to test the colors, yarns, textures and etc before i launch. When you are weaving, you can only see a small portion of what you are making…especially if you are for some crazy reason enchanted with grand, huge…what was i thinking sized pieces. Even a small piece deserves the respect of a test. To do so, one uses various means. i use weave blankets

This is a test of the colors in the image. There are only 6 colors of yarn, they are blended in various combinations on the surface to create up to 60 colors. Admittedly, some of these colors can seem to be so close as to offer not much of a choice. in the end, this piece used only 17 colors.
The interesting thing about the weave blanket, is that one could sub out 1 color of the 6 and change the game entirely.

I then proceed to weave up areas to be sure. This image shows – an entire days work that was demonstrating that something was up with  my weaves. I am also showing the temple that I weave with. That is the wooden bar that is running across the image. I serves to keep the edges from drawing in. After weaving 2000 pics…I had to start over. I also decided-for better or worse that…I would cut this section out of the piece.


This is about all I can see when I weave….sometimes the view can be alarming as when a chin begins to look pretty witchy…and it wasn’t supposed to.

This is a studio shot of the looms side by side. I am weaving on the far one.

I weave and will offer workshops using these looms. they are tc-1 loom controllers. They behave like jacquard looms…although strictly speaking they are not.